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supply company in high school. it was gulf states energy. then it was bought by entergy. at all times energy transmission was feeding the superdome. we continue to work with the superdome personnel to look into any outstanding issues. this is a statement from the company spokesman. power has been repaired we sincerely apologize. authorities are investigating the cause of the power outage. we will have more information as it becomes available. those are all those statements. when they called the saints officially, because that's where the saints play officially, officially they are deferring all questionses to the nfl. the saints are like, we're not playing, it's not our issue, do not ask us. terence, this is -- i have to tell you, if you're playing, if i am the baltimore ravens, and i have all of this momentum it's right after half time, we just ran the ball back 109 yards. i have to sit 40 minutes on the sideline. and all of a sudden i lose momentum, somebody's got some explaining to do. >> there's one group left out there, don. and that's the new orleans police force, and they say s
. and here in the united states, cnn now confirming just moments ago, secretary of energy steven chu is resigning, and he is the latest cabinet member to inform the president he will not stay for a second term. and there are reports that there are a number of officials making announcements as well. and hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state, and she said she is ready for some rest after logging almost a million miles in the air. >>> editors at the wall street journal say there are hackers in china, and they were trying to find out how the wall street journals was covering stories in china. and newspapers say they have now beefed up their cyber security. >>> we are also watching the markets, your money, as well. the dow hit 14000. it's the first time that the dow has reached 14000 since 2007. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. tell us how it happened. >> it's the jobs number that was pretty strong. it showed january's job reports, 157,000 jobs were added to the economy, but the way wall street sees it, it came in soft. wall street is looking at it at a more broa
to recycle their grease. >> our bill will promote the use of alternative energy. >> the fact it was coming from kids made it hit home a lot harder. the child shall lead them sort of thing. >> she set the example for the town. and it's great that westerly has a person we could be very proud of and tell the rest of the country, hey, look what we're doing on the shore. >> if everyone just gave a little something back and took a little time out of their day to do something for others, the world would be a better place. >> the world is already better because cassandra lynn is in it. i can say that, 14 years old, how do you like that? we love our heroes at cnn. and if you know somebody who is making a big difference in your community, somebody like cassandra, tell us about them. come on. they need some props. is the place to go. you can help us to shine a spotlight on their deserving work. and guess what? there's an added bonus. it can help them to do even more of the good they're doing. go to and nominate a 2013 cnn hero today. you'll feel better. from a mi. while go
, not being able to move, not being able to expend that energy and then possibly this idea of autism or aspergers and not having structure that he's used to that helps him survive and function, all of that taken away, it was a horrendous, horrendous experience and even though he's doing well now, down the road we see that it will come back to him through some sort of acute stress disorder, or ptsd, along with a nightmare, the depression, the anxiety. his mother's going to have to show him a lot of love, which i know she will. >> is he going to be able to recover from this? is there enough therapy? is there enough love that can help this little boy through his life as he gets older? >> he certainly will be able to survive. he may even thrive. and he'll do well in his life. but this is something that will stay with him, as it has with the previous person who talked about her experience in california. we see when children go through this, no matter how resilient they are, suzanne, that at some point in their lives it plays itself back, even if they hear it happening to someone else. it
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. in manufacturing there's been growth because we found new technologies to bring us energy. we have more natural gas than saudi arabia has oil. people are coming back because it's cheaper to do business in america. the average american, if we're sitting and waiting for the government to come up with the answer, you're going to have a problem. it's time to retool, say where is the next opportunity? where am i going to go to get the skills because no one else in the government will step up and say here is path way. so you've got to find it for yourself. >> how morally responsible should big successful companies, we've seen starbucks do this and apple stick its toe in the water. >> we talked about that last time. >> apple has done that since then. only a small thing. it was a start. it's about the principal of great american companies. in the tech world they lead the world but a lot of the stuff is outsourced outside america. that doesn't really help the american jobs market were even they by being american companies they do it that way. >> i think you have to look at it in the context just like you're
on honest people, and spend a little bit of that rhetoric and a little bit of that energy going after violent criminals of complete breakdown of our criminal justice system and the fact we don't even prosecute criminals with guns anymore, because the system has collapsed, maybe then we would make progress. >> also at some point we have got to say enough is enough. otherwise when the nra will not say that you should not permit the civilian sale of bazookas. what we're talking about is a weapon crafted for war that floats around the streets of our cities, that puts our police in a position of being outgunned by the bad guys, that has kids killing kids with them. >> since the newtown, connecticut, shooting that left 27 dead, the nra says 500,000 more people have joined its membership. >>> anderson cooper, don't miss this, taking on the gun violence debate tomorrow night. he'll take a good long look at both sides of the issue. we're calling it "guns under fire," a town hall special tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. eastern, only here on cnn. >>> just ahead, a nightmare on the school bus. we will take y
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of alternative energy. >> the fact that it was coming from kids made it hit home harder. the child shall lead them sort of thing. ♪ >> she set the example for the town, and it's great that westerly has a person we can be proud of and tell the rest of the country, look what we're doing. >> if everyone just gave something back and took a little time out of their day to do something for others, the world would be a better place. >> for years, police tried to link john and patsy ramsey to the death of their daughter, jonbenet. now we know the grand jury wanted to indict them. we'll ask our legal expert why that never happened. [heart beating] [heartbeat continues] [heartbeat, music playing louder] ♪ i'm feeling better since you know me... ♪ announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at >>> a murderer is back behind bars after he just walked of jail in chicago. steven robins was on the run for three days before he was captured last night. police found him abou
will also promote the use of alternative energy. >> the fact that it was coming from kids made it hit home a lot harder. the child shall lead them, sort of thing. she set the example for the town. it's great that westerly has a person that we can be very proud of. >> if everyone gave a little something back and took a little time out of their day to do something for others, the world would be a better place. >>> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. the stories you're talking about in just a moment. but first, we want to get you up to speed on the day's headlines. >>> 33 people were injured tonight in a bus crash in boston. the charter bus carrying 42 passengers hit an overpass. it was traveling from cambridge to pennsylvania. four of the injured are reported in critical condition. state police are investigating. >>> an american woman missing for nearly two weeks in turkey has been found dead. sarai sierra, 33 years old, from new york, police in istanbul say she was killed, possibly stabbed to death. also in turkey, a radical leftist group is claiming responsibility for sending a suicide bomber
of momentum and he knew his players were losing that energy that they had. he was not happy about it. >> reporter: no, he wasn't and for good reason. as soon as the lights came on, as soon as the game came back colin kaepernick got themselves back into the game. no one could give john harbaugh why or how long. we don't know. the investigation is still under way as to why we had a partial power failure. it not only included lights inside but outside as well. it's something that continued to be investigated at this hour. there's no answers as to why went down. >> i would imagine that's initial reports. they could be right. i think still there's some time between now and tomorrow and before this entire investigation plays out. stand by. i'm sure we'll need you. we're not sure what time we'll go off the air tonight. you'll have to delay your plans to go down to bourbon street. stand by. as mark mckay stands by i want to read statement i got in from the power company. they were serving the super dome. entergy supplies power. we continue working with super dome personnel to address any out
, the energy department says the average u.s. household spent almost $3,000 on gas last year, that's the highest level in four years. >>> talkback question today, should the boy scouts of america lift its ban on gays? or twet me @carolcnn. your responses next. that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free. when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >>> talkback question today should the boy scouts of america lift its ban on gays,
north as maine. so 150-mile-per-hour jet as well. remember, there was a lot of wind energy with this. usually the jet stream's about 100 miles per hour so, that was strong. also very strong at the surface, southerly winds, but 100 miles per hour. so the winds were there. there's the warmth and here's what happened. so miguel weather the warm and the cold, the clashing set off these severe storms and the snow. so record severe weather. >> and what's ahead? this weekend, next week? >> big-time change, finally back to a typical january, february pattern, no severe weather, but some snow, you can see it, chicago, cincy, toward the northeast, even washington will see some snow showers, maybe about an inch or so. there's where the winter advisories are, and there's the big picture for today. things pretty quiet other than that snow. >> thank you very much. >>> new revelations in the jonbenet ramsey murder case and they involve the parents of the child beauty queen. our legal guys will weigh in. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or t
by the high energy halftime show courtesy beyonce. that's the latest word from the nfl commissioner roger goodell. the new orleans city council says that it hopes to learn more friday at an emergency meeting with the power company entergy. we will keep you posted. of course baltimore ravens managed to pull out a victory despite a furious comeback by the 49ers. the ravens fans elated to celebrate with a super sized parade in downtown baltimore. look at the folks gathered, temperatures in the low to mid30s, the reason they have to wait longer than expected, christine romans and i just talked about it, they are all stuck in traffic. the parade is stuck in traffic. rene marsh reporting live for us right in the middle of it all. i don't know that i ever heard of this, seriously the victory parade stuck in traffic. >> reporter: they are. you know what, the fans, they are being very patient. you hear the music. there's a party going on. i'm sitting in joe flacco's hum v, this is the hum v he will be in when he goes through the parade rout. this is the good man that will drive him. we have member
leaving the obama administration today, energy secretary steven chu. he says he will stay on until late february or maybe a little beyond that. chu was a leadinged avoluntary kalt f advocate for alternative energy development. chu says he would like to return to teaching and to research. >>> superstorm sandy left new york littered with enough debris to fill the empire state building three times over. but now more than 95% of that debris has been removed. that's what we're getting according to fema. homeowners, neighbors, volunteers pitched in to help these workers remove the debris in 95 days. just this week, as we have reported, congress approved $51 billion in disaster relief for the victims. >>> terse response from senator robert menendez to allegations he partied with prostitutes during trips to the caribbean. reporters caught up with the new jersey democrat after an event last night, asked him if he had violated campaign finance laws on the trips. here was his response. >> anonymous allegations. >> menendez released a statement earlier calling the allegations false. and the work of
everyone is talking about. straight ahead, why it happened, what the energy company is saying, and did beyonce's halftime show have anything to do with it? >>> can you believe it? baltimore fighting back in glowing purple. the city planning a huge parade to celebrate the ravens. ♪ >>> clydesdales to calvins, tied to taco bell, jeep to that volkswagen ad that everyone is talking about. the 30-second spots you liked best. "newsroom" starts now. >>> good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello in washington. one thing for sure, we will not stop talking about super bowl xlvii for a very long time, along with its electric halftime show and its electric free nightmare, the blackout early in the third quarter, plunging the superdome into darkness. the nfl title game grinding to a halt for 34 agonizing minutes. the loss of power frustrating players and coaches forced to stay on the field. it turned out to be a huge turning point in the game. and there was also the social media flutter that followed the much hyped commercials, and beyonce's halftime spectacular and he
of the energy company cvr refining. >>> we're keeping an eye on a hostage situation in southern alabama. man boarded a school bus and shot and killed the driver, took a 6-year-old hostage and holding him in some sort of underground bunker. police are communicating with the man and they tell us the little boy has not been harmed. >>> in the next hour, the senate judiciary committee holds its first hearing on gun violence since the newtown massacre last month. we're looking inside this hearing room and wayne lapierre the executive vice president of the nra, you can see him sitting there beside the gentleman in the white hair. wayne lapierre will be testifying later this afternoon. gabrielle giffords, the former congresswoman shot in arizona will give the opening statement for the other side and when that hearing begins, by the way, we'll carry it live. we're expecting it to start in just about 31 minutes. >>> joining me now are jerry henry, executive director of, "georgia's no compromise for gun ownerses and john edwards chief of the oak creek police department, the site of th
energy come into this movement recently around the re-election of obama last fall. >> and i know you can't speak specifically to jimmy lee dykes, the suspect in this case but we're all trying to figure out why did he kidnap a child and then bring the child down into a bunker? >> well, it's completely unclear obviously what his mode has btio do with his political views. we know that dykes yesterday was facing a court hearing on menacing charges brought against him for firing shots in the direction of a neighbor, so that seems to have been the crisis that brought this on. what exactly he hopes to accomplish, you know, by kidnapping a child and murdering the bus driver and so on i think is really anyone's guess at this point. >> mark potok, director of the southern poverty law center's intelligence project thanks so much for enlightening us this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >>> fast-rising floods, stranded drivers, rescue workers are out in force around washington this morning, heavy rains and strong winds pounded the area overnight. this is the same storm system that left two people d
, because radios went out. but smg and the energy company did release a joint statement to shed light, no pun intended, on what happened. let me read you some of that statement. they said shortly after the beginning of the second half of the super bowl in the mercedes benz superdome, a piece of equipment designed to monitor electrical load sensed an abnormality in the system. once the issue was detected, the sensing equipment operated as designed and opened a breaker, causing power to partially cut to the superdome in order to isolate the issue. backup generators kicked in immediately as designed. intergee and smg coordinated startup ensuring full power was restored. the fault sensing equipment activated where the superdome equipment intersects with intergee's feed into the facility. no additional issues were detected. we will continue to investigate the route of this abnormality. the mayor also released a statement saying this was an unfortunate moment in what has been a shining super bowl week for the city. we spoke with fans right after that 34 minute power outage inside the stadiu
. that is a huge chunk of your income. the energy department says the average household spends nearly $3,000 every year on gasoline. it is getting worse, they say. gas prices have spiked dramatically in the last couple of weeks to about $3.50 a gallon. and cnn's paul vercammen, paul, we stick you in l.a. because the prices there are always so insane. right now gas is over $5. no one walks in l.a. so tough to afford a car right now. >> reporter: very tough. and, indeed, brooke, this will insult your eyes as we show you this, the average here in california is $4.93. you see at this station, in downtown l.a., which really lacks gas stations, little competition, over $5. and we did catch up with one driver who had no choice but to pay the price. let's hear from her. >> it is just ridiculous. $5 a gallon is, i mean, it is ridiculous. and it is high like this in downtown l.a. for whatever reason. >> reporter: part of the reason is that oil prices are now higher. oil prices, the biggest component of gas prices, also at play in california. the regularly scheduled maintenance of in of the refineries, they
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)